Updated Government’s “How to Rent Guide”

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Landlords should be aware that the Government’s “How to Rent Guide” was updated on 17th January 2018.

This updated version is available by clicking here.

The guide should be given to candidate tenants just prior to the commencement of the fixed term AST.  If the AST provisions to roll over after the fixed term as a “Contractual Periodic” tenancy, the guide does not need to be reissued. However, if the AST does not provision to roll over as a Contractual Periodic tenancy a “Statutory Periodic” tenancy will commence. In this case the latest version of the guide should be reissued.

If you have served the previous version prior to the tenants’ occupation on or after 17th January, this new version should also be given to the tenant as soon as possible.

If the latest version is not provided prior to occupation or on the commencement of a Contractual Periodic tenancy, you may not be able to serve an eviction notice.

It is advised that proof of the tenants’ receipt of the guide is recorded. This can be fulfilled by return of e-mail or hard-copy receipt.

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