Revised “How to Rent Guide” published by the government

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A revised “How to Rent Guide” has been issued by the government. Landlords MUST issue this at the start of any new tenancy or if it is renewed. We issue it when we protect the deposit.

It forms part of the prescribed information landlords must issue, and if they do not, they will lose the right to repossess using Section 21.

The guide has been updated to reflect some recent legal changes, including:

  • The requirement for carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted in every room with a fixed fuel-burning appliance.
  • The requirement for EICRs to be provided to the tenants.
  • It also contains information on fitting smart meters.
  • There is a section in the guide on ensuring the property is suitable if you have a disability.

Click here to find the new guide. How to rent – GOV.UK (


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