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“Mooring and operational costs in Bristol Harbour are due to be increased by BCC in April, affecting residential and commercial boat owners.

Not directly related to the Private Rented Sector, however, as landlords we are continually being criticised for increasing rental fees and resistance to rent controls, I felt this BBC News extract was an interesting, if not frustrating read! What is good for the goose is obviously not good for us ganders (and the goose is getting fat!).

“Local community groups said they have not been consulted on plans that could see mooring fees rise by up to 177%.

Bristol City Council said it would bring the fees in line with other cities.

Under the new plans, all mooring charges will increase by at least 10%.

Residential moorings will be priced at £325 per metre annually, which could potentially see a 177% rise in fees for some.

Commercial vessels, such as ferries, will see their operating fees double and will be charged 20p per passenger they carry.

A charge of £50 will also be introduced for commercial boats to swing Junction Bridge, Plimsoll Bridge and Prince Street Bridge.”

If you wish to support the Bristol Harbour Community, please sign their petition (click here).


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