Oh dear! Bristol Council at it again! Last call to Bristol landlords! Act now!

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The deadline for two licensing consultations expires shortly – 7 November. Act now to register your opinions. and while you are at it, why not ask Bristol City Council how they spend landlords’ money – can it really all be spent administering the schemes? If it is, there must be office blockloads of council staff – what are they all doing? Well, they certainly don’t appear to be on the streets searching out rogue landlords and properties in disrepair.

As if landlords weren’t already feeling the strain with many deciding to leave the market altogether in a city that is crying out for rented accommodation, Bristol City Council thinks it an opportune time to announce further legislative measures they want to introduce that are subject to a consultation process ending on 7 November 2023.

We all know that comments objecting to such consultations are treated with disdain by councillors and ignored but you do have a chance to state your peace.

The council’s proposals are in 2 parts; firstly, they want to introduce a city-wide additional licensing scheme for HMOs. Yes, that’s correct, any property with 3 or more unrelated occupants rented out will need to be licensed. It’s not just HMO’s – read on:

As if that wasn’t enough to contend with, ANY rented property let to 1or 2 tenants, or a family, in the Bishopston, Ashley Down, Cotham and Easton wards will fall into a Selective Licensing area.

The council says that “Private rented accommodation has been identified as more likely to be in poor condition or have lower standards of management than other properties”. I’d like to see that evidence please when several housing associations and local authorities have been pilloried and fined for disgraceful housing standards this year alone.

However, this is allegedly all in the name of improving housing standards….

You can find out more about the proposals and complete an online consultation survey (before 7th November 2023) by clicking here.

Alternative formats or paper copies of the information can be requested by emailing
private.housing@bristol.gov.uk or calling 0117 9224947 and leaving contact details.


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