“Oh dear, he’s back…..”

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Having previously led the government on the Renters Reform Bill and seemingly retired from politics, Michael Gove has been reappointed by Rishi Sunak to progress this legislation that attacks landlords on every front.  During the interlude that was Liz Truss’s premiership, noises emanating from Downing Street indicated that the government was starting to understand that landlords have been unfairly treated by Conservative governments of late.  It remains to be seen whether Gove’s temporary absence has changed his perspective at all but landlords shouldn’t hold their collective breath.

It is highly unlikely that the government will have had an injection of common sense in the past few weeks!

As a reminder of what might still be in store for landlords, the government says all homes in the Private Rented Sector will have to meet a minimum standard – the Decent Homes Standard. Section 21 so-called ‘no fault’ evictions will further be abolished, ending the situation where renters can be moved out of their homes for no reason. The government says it will consult on introducing a landlords register, and will set out plans for a crackdown on rogue landlords – making sure fines and bans stop repeat offenders leaving renters in terrible conditions.  It’s as though Ministers aren’t aware that powers already exist to tackle rogue landlords!


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