Even Newer Government’s “How to Rent Guide” July 2018

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A New (July) “How to Rent Guide”  (July 2018) just released today with no notice only days after the June 2018 edition!

Beggars belief, who is running this show?

The title of the cover page has changed from the 29th June 2018 edition.  

Note that the pdf file name is the same, so please confirm you are sending the July edition to your tenants by checking the date in the footer of the first page. If you have already served the June 2018 edition to tenants that have still to take up a tenancy, we recommend you reissue with this latest June 2018 edition.

Make sure your new tenants get a copy of the latest edition at the start of the tenancy.

For landlords on AST’s that will roll over as statutory periodics, another copy of the latest edition must be sent to your tenants at the start of the periodic term (not required for contractual periodic tenancies).

We cannot guarantee that we will notice future editions in such a timely fashion, as such we recommend that you always serve the latest version presented in the Government website:


Failure to serve the latest version could prevent you from evicting a bad tenant!

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Rob Crawford is the chairman of the Association of Local Landlords (Wessex). Rob is a practicing landlord with a property portfolio that includes small private residential properties and HMO's. Rob is a qualified letting agent and former owner of Kingfisher Lettings & Management. He is now a share holder of the successful online lettings company Lettingsupermarket.com.

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  1. martin thomas says:

    Well spotted Rob!! Looking after our interests again!

  2. Gill says:

    Flipping heck just printed a load! Now another lot my printing cartridge bill is going sky high, think of the environment more trees to plant to say nothing about chemicals and plastic.Just another fob off from the government on to the landlords. finish of rant!

  3. Rob Crawford says:

    Hi Gill, unless you have to it may be worth postponing any further printing / reissue. I suspect a further edition with a new file name will be issued once the realise they forgot to change it!

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