Incorporation, is it for you?

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Incorporating a personally held buy-to-let portfolio into a Limited Company is a potential solution to the mortgage interest relief restrictions that for some landlords will cause major increases in their tax exposure. However, incorporation involves considerable costs and a degree of tax risk, and in many cases there are cheaper and easier solutions that can be used to achieve largely the same result. As always, professional advice from experienced advisers with a track record of dealing with property investors is essential. This article from Fylde Tax Consultants should help you in any meeting with your tax adviser, where these options may be discussed in more detail. Click here.

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Rob Crawford is the chairman of the Association of Local Landlords (Wessex). Rob is a practicing landlord with a property portfolio that includes small private residential properties and HMO's. Rob is a qualified letting agent and former owner of Kingfisher Lettings & Management. He is now a share holder of the successful online lettings company

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