Definition of HMO Mandatory Licensing to be Expanded

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A discussion paper requesting information from all Local Authorities by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) that set out options for extending the scope of mandatory licensing of Houses of Multiple Occupation ( HMO ) was released in November 2014

Results of this survey were released on 18th October 2016 and can be read by clicking here.

The current definition of three floors, over five unrelated tenants forming two or more households is likely to be expanded.

In summary the Government is proposing to:

  • Remove the reference to storeys from the prescribed description of large HMOs, so that all HMOs occupied by five or more people from more than one household, are included;
  • Include flats above and below business premises; and
  • Clarify that the minimum room size 6.5m² (includes only floor space with 1.5m ceiling height above) for sleeping accommodation, this applies to all licensable HMOs.

A further “open” consultation paper has now been released for landlords or other interested parties to make comment on the above Government proposals.  This open consultation paper can be accessed by clicking here.

The opportunity for open consultation will last for 8 weeks from 18 October 2016.

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