A Potted History

A potted history:

In the 90’s the Landlords’ Association for Wessex (LAW) was formed. In 2000 the LAW became part of the Small Landlords Association (SLA) and all LAW members transferred to that large national organisation. In 2004 the SLA became the National Landlords Association (NLA) as we know it today. NLA Wessex was formed as an independent organisation in 2005 so that landlords in the regions of Bath, Bristol, North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire could be represented at local level, a short coming of the current NLA arrangement. NLA Wessex was a self-funded, non-profit and independent organisation working locally and in support of the NLA.

In 2016 it became evident that Landlords attending our popular meetings could not distinguish between the two organisations and this conflicted with, among other things, data protection. As NLA Wessex were the sole providers of funds, this perception did not bide too well. It was subsequently decided by NLA Wessex members at an extraordinary general meeting that, rather than integrate fully with the NLA, we should focus on serving local landlords more effectively. This would be achieved by rebranding and remaining independent and free of the restrictions that would otherwise be imposed if absorbed by a large corporate such as NLA.

In March 2016 under the Chairmanship of Rob Crawford, the Association of Local Landlords (Wessex) was born. ALL Wessex, a self funded organisation relies on financial donations through their introduction of Alan Boswell Insurance services for Landlords, sponsors and companies listed in our trade directory. Funding is currently sufficient to enable us to continue operating without the need to charge a membership fee.

ALL Wessex is managed by a volunteer committee and continues to be led by it’s founder, Rob Crawford. The committee is an experienced team of local landlords and letting agents who’s time and effort continues to be greatly appreciated by our growing number of members.